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“Women can’t be car expert!”

I think its safe to say that part of the reason that this website got started is because of that phrase. Some guy provoked me and here I am proving him wrong.

It all started when I was a kid. My father always customize his car and most of the time, I’m present to help him out. Even though I just usually pass around tools, it became a bonding habit and I slowly started loving cars.

I learned a lot when it comes to customizing, due to the fact that my dad love to explain everything that he’s doing. He is a little bit of a chatterbox, we are the same, and we love each other for that. There is something lovely about a person talking about his passion.

So, back to the story, during my teenage years, some of my rich classmates got their own used car, gifted to them by their parents. Sometimes, I get to ride with them anywhere and this one time, the car broke down in the middle of nowhere. They panicked, while I calmly presented myself telling them that I may be able to fix it. That is when they utter those words, “Women can’t be car expert!”. It triggered me and I showed him that women could be car expert.

Twist in the story though, I got married to that guy, and until today, I still know more about cars compared to him.

When we got married though, I teased him about that day until he told me, “Why don’t you create your own car website then?”. I know he is just joking during that time but I actually thought its a great idea. So here I am.

A cute story but if you also want to test out my expertise, please message me here or follow my google account you can see on the right side. I’ll have fun talking to you guys, and girls. 🙂